What is Sportsklubben FRAM Soccer?
  • Soccer for ages 3 to age 70+, including over 40 competitive youth and adult teams, tots, younger and academy programs, and an annual 6v6 holiday tournament
  • Competitive youth soccer in the South Bay since 1972
  • Nationally and internationally licensed professional coaching staff
  • Lessee and guardian of Nansen Field, a unique private soccer facility in Rolling Hills founded in 1947
  • Also call several school fields in the South Bay home, and contribute to community by maintaining those fields year-round
  • A volunteer executive and youth board overseeing all operations
  • Over 500 current players, and many more alumni, local families and members of the soccer community connected to FRAM
FRAM Youth Club Goals and Objectives 
FRAM’s goal is to be the premier youth soccer club in the Los Angeles South Bay, and one of the most respected and admired clubs in all of youth soccer.  It is the objective of FRAM to create a healthy, positive and fun competitive environment where talented athletes can work to develop themselves as outstanding people, citizens, students, leaders and soccer players.   
The philosophy of our club and our coaches is one of Champions. Our coaches strive to help all our players become Champions, not just as soccer players, but also as individuals and teammates.   We believe a successful club will produce winning teams and championships, and FRAM teams have won at every level.  However we measure success not just by the final score, but also by the wins we witness everyday at practice and during games -- mastering a new skill, making a smart decision, taking a risk, or providing support to a teammate, or an opponent, in need.  Success in club soccer is not the destination, we are part of a journey, always going forward, on a path of success.  
FRAM Youth Club Organization
FRAM Soccer Club is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to youth soccer.   FRAM Soccer Club has a formal structure with an Executive Committee and Youth Board. Bylaws for the Club are in place that dictate the way the Club functions and methods by which Officers and other members are elected to the Executive Committee or Youth Board.  Click here for the Club Contact page.
FRAM Youth Club Coaching Staff
Led by our Director of Coaching, Joey Hoffman, FRAM coaches are among the most qualified and experienced in the South Bay.  Our coaching staff has extensive and diverse playing and coaching experience including professional, US National Team, Olympic Development Program, NCAA, College, High School and Club. Many of our coaches are also currently coaching at the professional, semi-professional, national team, college or high school level.  Most FRAM coaches have A, B or C USSF Licenses. Continuing coaching education is a core philosophy at the club benefiting both coaches AND players. As a result of our focus on recruiting and retaining the best professional coaches, FRAM has become the club of choice for premier coaches looking for opportunities in the South Bay.  Click here for the Coaching Staff page.
FRAM Youth Club Teams
FRAM youth teams participate in the Coast Soccer League in the Fall Season, and certain of our older teams also participate in the California Regional League, Pacific National Premier League and the Far West Regional League.   We continue to evaluate, every season, which league and tournaments best meet our goals as a club in terms of level of competition, player development, travel, cost requirements and overall opportunity.  
Players all develop at their own pace, and finding a team that will give each player the maximum opportunity to play helps insure that player development occurs, and that our players will continue to enjoy the game and reach their potential.  It is therefore our goal to organize teams so players of similar abilities play together, and this is often referred to as an A/B team system.  It is believed this is the best way to field the strongest teams, while still providing for the development and growth for all FRAM players. 
FRAM’s approach of coordinating the recruiting, formation and training of teams within each age group, and looking at each age group as one pool of FRAM players, provides the opportunity for players to guest with or move from one FRAM team to another as their skills, ability and performance continue to develop.  FRAM teams operate as part of a true club -- with a common curriculum and goals.
FRAM Youth Club Teams typically train at least twice a week, and play competitive games and tournaments on weekends.  While there are breaks in the winter and early summer, it is a year-round experience and commitment to soccer, with teams playing between 30-50 games each year. At the younger ages, we emphasize player and team development.  As the teams enter the older brackets, we expect that development to produce success on the field, and help our players take the next step to college and life beyond FRAM.

Starting at ages 3-5, we offer Coach Clive’s Soccer for Tots and Soccer for Sixes programs.  The program is an age-appropriate soccer based curriculum. Classes are formatted to allow each child the opportunity to develop their soccer skills at his or her own pace without the pressure of competition.  Our goal is to give kids the best possible introduction to the sport allowing them to develop a true love of the game, which in turn creates a desire to practice, improve and succeed.
FRAM Juniors Program
This program, formerly called the FRAM Youth Soccer Academy, is a fun developmental program that is designed for boys and girls ages 6 through 10.  It is designed for players interested in developing their individual ball skills, but not quite ready to begin competitive club soccer. Players work on individual skills in both 1 player - 1 ball and small sided game situations.  The players work on turns, dribble moves, shooting, heading, control, etc.  Sessions are once a week and run in 10 week sessions.   
FRAM Academy Teams Program
The FRAM Academy Teams Program is designed for boys and girls ages 6 to 9 years, and is a stepping-stone to our competitive FRAM club teams. Now in its third year, the Academy Teams program has been a huge success, drawing some of the area’s best youth players, and producing club teams that have seen much success when they move on to competitive soccer.
The coaches focus on developing skills along with a love for the game. We emphasize teaching players the proper technique and form with regards to ball handling, dribbling, passing, receiving and shooting. Along with developing future stars on the ball, we emphasize good sportsmanship and passion for the game as we develop the players and the teams of FRAM’s future. Our coaches are truly dedicated to providing a great soccer experience for children and their families.
Players have two training sessions a week, participate in the club weekly skills training, play in the Fall U8 division of Coast Soccer League, play in two tournaments and more. 
Players must try out for this program and be selected to participate.  Formal tryouts take place in December, but players can join the team at any time throughout the year.
FRAM Youth Club Teams
FRAM Youth Soccer Club has over 35 competitive soccer teams for boys and girls ages 8 to 19, and our club participates in the Southern California Developmental Soccer League (SCDSL).  Led by our Director of Coaching, Joey Hoffman, FRAM coaches are among the most qualified and experienced in club soccer.  Please see above for more information on the FRAM Youth Club.
The FRAM Ajax America Women’s Team provides a place in the South Bay for FRAM youth club graduates and other top female players to continue their competitive careers.  The FRAM Ajax America team was formed in the mid 70’s and joined the Women’s Premier Soccer League (WPSL) in its infancy. The WPSL is a national women’s soccer league, and is considered one of the top women’s soccer leagues in the world. The WPSL’s mission is to provide the highest level of women’s soccer, while simultaneously providing affordable, quality family entertainment and positive role models for youth.  Many Ajax players have played for their National teams, in the WPS, and in the top College programs in the country.  FRAM Ajax America has continually competed at the highest level, and has won six (6) National Championships since 1998.
FRAM has three men’s teams that participate in the South Bay Peninsula Soccer League (SBPSL).  The SBPSL is an adult Sunday morning league. The SBPSL consists of 40 teams and around 800 players and has 5 Divisions.  PREMIERE is our most skilled teams.... OPEN is a notch below Premiere.... Div30 is for those born in 1978 or earlier..... Div40 is for those born in 1968 or earlier..... Div50 is for those born in 1958 or earlier..... Div60 is for those born in 1948 or earlier..... Current FRAM teams are Scandia -  Premier Division, FRAM Masters in Div40 and FRAM Old Boys in Div50.