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Coach Spotlight -Ryan Taylor

By Admin, 08/17/20, 1:00PM PDT


Ryan Taylor

What Team/teams do you currently coach/ or what is your role and how long have you been with FRAM?    

I coach Girls 2010 and Boys 2010. This is my 10th year (starting 11th this spring)

What is your coaching experience?      

This is my 19th year coaching soccer. I have 17 years in club, 8 years at the HS level and 4 years in middles school!

What experience do you have as a player?  What's your favorite soccer or sports memory from your past? Any special career credits?         

I played club since I was 10, Varsity H.S. as a freshman and played 4 years at Cal State Dominguez Hills. I had a very special goal my Sophomore year, in the first round of playoffs, in college. I will never forget that goal. I had 17 goals and 11 assists in my college career. 

Most memorable soccer experience as a coach?      

I have 2- I have taken 2 teams to the State Cup final! My boys U16 team lost in Pk's ;( and my 2004 girls team lost 2-1 in regulation. Both great experiences and I am very proud of my teams. 

What is your Coaching Philosophy?        

Players need to learn the game, by learning from their mistakes. A coach should be there to guide and fix what went wrong. Coaches should not tell players what to do or coach pass by pass. The players will never learn to do that on their own, if they are being "controlled". Players need to be creative and take chances, they can't be afraid to make mistakes!

Did you have a mentor/hero?     

Since Captain America isn't real I would say... My parents. My mom always supported me and loved me for who I am. My dad always told me "As long as you are happy, doing what you are doing, I will love you" Kinda messed up, but it worked ;)

Favorite team and/or favorite player 

Rams! Cooper Kupp

Favorite Quote?   

A guy once quoted me $3,300 to do sprinklers and my grass. Hahaha silly guy! I did it myself for just under $2,000

When you are not on the field for FRAM, what do you like to do in your free time?         

I teach at Miraleste Intermediate School, PE and History. I love my job(s), they don't feel like work! I work out, take my daughter to swim, the park, beach, bike rides! Snowboarding would be my favorite though! 

Any random facts about yourself? Funny. Interesting. Bizarre.  Anything... 

I have a twin brother that nobody knows about...